Mid-Term Review of the Strategic Framework of the Convention (2018-2030)

The UNCCD adopted at COP 13 the Strategic Framework for the Convention (2018-2030) (decision 7 / COP.13). COP 13 also decided that its Bureau should develop the modalities, criteria and terms of reference for the mid-term review of this Strategic Framework in order to propose them for adoption at COP 14 (decision 13 / COP.13). The assessment will take place in 2024-2025, and preparations will be completed for COP 16 (in 2023).

The purpose of this mid-term evaluation is to review the implementation of the five strategic objectives of the Framework (for further details on the Strategic Framework, see section 2.2 of this Summary, or the corresponding section of the Guide) , to identify the obstacles, the key actors, the approaches which will have proved fruitful, and thus to formulate and communicate recommendations for the second part of the journey. The evaluation will focus on four interrelated elements:

  1. a) The continuing relevance of the Strategic Framework;
  2. (b) Progress made towards achieving the five strategic objectives;
  3. (c) Efforts made towards the goals and responsibilities set out in the implementation framework;
  4. (d) The effectiveness of the reporting and review process for the Strategic Framework (2018-2030).

It should be noted that the evaluation will consider the consideration of gender-sensitive policies and measures in the implementation of the Strategic Framework and in the reporting and review process.

An intergovernmental working group, to be nominated by the Conference of the Parties on the proposal of the different regional groups, will carry out the evaluation with the support of the secretariat. The stages of the evaluation will be as follows:

  • An evaluation conducted by an independent expert under the supervision of the working group. Its results, based on reliable and verified data and an objective analysis, will be presented in a report that will contain provisional conclusions and recommendations. The data will come from the national reports submitted by the Parties.
  • The independent evaluation will be the subject of a participatory consultation process at one of the CRIC intersessional meetings.
  • The evaluation will conclude with a decision of the COP at the session following the CRIC meeting.
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