Document ICCD / CRIC (18) / 7 reports on the actions of the GM during the last two years and recommendations for further action. The activities carried out and the conclusions / recommendations of the GM for their continuation are detailed in the table below.

Establishment of supportive environments

Balance sheet

Conclusion / recommendation

Activity: NDT Voluntary Targeting Program

Document ICCD / COP (14) / 12 reports on the independent report that evaluated the NDT voluntary targets program. The program was found to be useful for the Parties concerned and cost and time efficient. Overall, the planned measures were implemented and the expected results were achieved. One of the key aspects of the project has been the creation of national working groups.

The main risk for the continuation of the project is the loss of the momentum achieved: the next crucial steps will be the development of concepts for transformative projects, and the obtaining of investments.

Activity: Preparation of National Plans for Drought

The drought initiative has been implemented by the secretariat and the GM in collaboration. The GM focused its actions on the preparation of the plans.

A review of the initiative can be found in document ICCD / COP (14) / 16.

In most of the participating countries, the issue of drought is spread among several ministries. It will be important in the future to coordinate drought-related activities to optimize anticipation and response to crises.

Activity: Implementation of the Global Support Program II for reporting under the Convention

The Global Support Program II has helped build the capacity of country Parties through e-learning platforms, online tutorials, support centers, regional experts and hands-on training on tools. monitoring of soil degradation.

A study to identify the obstacles and opportunities for increasing funding for the implementation of the Convention is planned under the Global Support Program II.

Facilitate access to existing financing


Conclusion / recommendation

Development of NDT projects and programs

The Mechanism's support to country Parties aims to design and implement a gender-sensitive NTD project through sustainable and inclusive interventions, while introducing innovations in locally appropriate technologies and practices, financial mechanisms, as well as measures to reverse trends in land degradation and biodiversity loss, and to adapt and mitigate climate change.

The GM plans to make a call for expressions of interest for those countries that wish to receive support, to the extent of available resources.

A comprehensive review of NTT implementation cases could be considered for COP 15.

Gender parity in the NDT and the drought initiative

The GM has partnered with UN Women and IUCN. He has established a Gender Helpdesk, Capacity Building Workshops, and, with UN Women and IUCN, is drafting a Gender Integration Handbook in the implementation of the NDT.

Activities undertaken and partnerships will continue.

Partnerships with GEF and other funding agencies

GEF-7 has integrated NDT into the Land Degradation sector. The GM provided support to countries seeking GEF funding. The GM also organized events to disseminate technical knowledge for capacity building.

Activities undertaken and partnerships will continue.

Encourage new financing and innovative pilot projects


Conclusion / recommendation

Facilitating activities to operationalize the NDT Fund: see the NDT Fund section below.

Advocacy and innovative pilot projects in support of the Great Green Wall Initiative

The GM helped local authorities build community capacity to maximize investment in land restoration and green job creation. The documentation of the lessons that have emerged from the implementation of the RLEVE project is underway, as well as a report on the status of the Great Green Wall.

The GM has also piloted the "Green Entrepreneurs" training program, to enable the creation of green jobs in the land sector through the establishment of sustainable value chains for dryland products.

In addition, an information campaign entitled "Growing a World Wonder" was launched and generated substantial interest among the general public.

Activities undertaken and partnerships will continue.

Activities of the Global Mechanism

Document ICCD / CRIC (18) / 7 reports on the activities of the GM regarding the mobilization of resources for the implementation of the Convention. The following table presents this review and the conclusions and recommendations of the GM in relation to 1) the establishment of enabling environments; 2) access to existing financing and 3) new financing and innovative projects:

NDT Fund

Following decision 3 / COP.12, the GM joined the governments of France, Luxembourg and Norway, as well as the Rockefeller Foundation in its efforts to develop and operationalize the NDT. These partners also supported the initial structuring and legal basis of the Fund, as well as the research and selection process of the private sector fund manager. In a competitive process, the French private equity firm Mirova was chosen as the fund manager. The fund was officially launched at COP 13 in 2017. A first investment was made by the NDT Fund in January 2019, and in May 2019, the fund received over USD 100 million in commitments from investors .

Specifically, it is an independent impact investment fund that aims to mobilize public resources to catalyze private investment in support of NDT-related activities and other sustainable land management activities. (TDM). It has a donor-funded technical assistance mechanism that provides technical support to projects that may receive funding from the fund.

In addition, the fund has helped to inspire other innovative initiatives, such as the Start-up Capital Access Fund (SCAF), which aims to mobilize private equity funds for sustainable activities, including forest and landscape restoration projects.

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